Case study: an incident-free construction yard

Improving worker safety with wearable technology.

Inattentional blindness causes hundreds of accidents each year. It’s the number one safety concern in many high-risk sectors such as construction. Situational awareness is vital.

In order to prevent workers from getting injured while executing their job, we offer an all-in-one wearable solution: Romware ONE. It combines multiple safety functionalities. BESIX Group was world’s first construction company to put Romware ONE  to the test.

Key technologies
  • Position detection
  • Geofencing
  • Access & certification
  • Position detection
  • Proximity detection
  • (Historical) data processing

The challenge

Every day, the BESIX construction yard in Frederikssund (Denmark) hosts hundreds of workers and heavy vehicles. BESIX is building a new 4-lane dual carriageway over a distance of 8.2 km. In this demanding working environment, it is challenging to avoid accidents.

In January 2019 Romware and BESIX set up a pilot project to evaluate the added value of Romware’s Worker Wearable. In this project, Romware has focused on tracking and notifying workers in both static and dynamic hazard zones, using UWB technology.

The Solution

_1 Wearable: Equip workers with Romware ONE and send automatic notifications when they enter a dangerous area (static hazard zone).
Position Detection – Geofencing – Access & Certification

_2 Notifications: Reduce the risk of man-machine collisions by notifying workers when they approach moving equipment (dynamic hazard zone).
Position Detection – Proximity Detection

_3 Analytics: Log near misses and incidents enabling BESIX to manage and mitigate risks in a proactive manner.
(Historical) Data Processing

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