Case study: dynamic scheduling

Smart planning platform for optimal efficiency 

Multraship is a European leader in harbour and terminal towage, salvage, sea towage, offshore services and port services.

With the demand of towage services increasing year after year, Multraship is heavily digitising its operations to guarantee a quick and qualitative service to their customers. The company has chosen Rombit as their development partner for a dynamic planning platform.

Key elements
  • Dynamic planning
  • Cloud platform
  • Connected systems
  • Single view
  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning

The Challenge

Multraship strives towards a dynamic planning that responds to the ever-changing circumstances of their daily operations. They seek to implement a platform that combines multiple insights in real-time: estimated times of arrival, availability of boatmen, fuel consumption, …

The end objective is for the platform to become an indispensable tool for the elaboration and management of Multraship’s daily schedules.

The Solution

During the so-called ‘diagnostics’ track we look into the existing infrastructure and how we can achieve the biggest gains in efficiency. Even if most companies in this industry are confronted with similar challenges, each organisation is different. 

Rombit’s Dynamic Scheduling platform is fully tuned to the needs of Multraship. In a first phase, all data streams and data silos are brought together in one user-friendly dashboard for the planners. In the second phase machine learning is applied to automatically receive intelligent recommendations to optimise the planning. 

“Rombit possesses the required technical skills and ‘port’ expertise; it was the deciding factor for us to choose them as our partner!”

Pepijn Nuijten, Managing Director of Multraship

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