Case study: Workplace safety with driver behavior and collision avoidance

Workplace safety in logistics

Van Moer Logistics has developed a fully integrated logistics service through the years. With over 2,000 employees, 550,000 sqm warehouse capacity, 9 inland barges, and 500 trucks, Van Moer Logistics is a leading logistics partner for customers across Europe. They are active in several markets, such as chemicals, petrochemicals, food, and general cargo.

Key deliverables
  • 300 forklifts
  • 10 locations
  • IoT solution
  • Driver Coaching

Forklift drivers carry great responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of other drivers and workers. To sustainably decrease the risk for accidents and near misses, Van Moer Logistics chose to invest in a durable and real-time IoT forklift safety solution. This solution focuses on improving driving behavior to enhance driver and lone worker safety.

By combining Rombit’s Driver Behavior and Colission Avoidance, Van Moer Logistics made a clear investment in its employees. Besides ensuring a safer and more productive workplace, forklift drivers are supposed to sustainably improve their safety KPIs through individual coaching and instant feedback. 

The cooperation with Rombit ensures a safe and productive workplace with room to grow and learn. Together with the implementation of the collision avoidance, Van Moer Logistics has invested in an all-round solution for security.


End-to-end Service

1_Installation Rombit installs all devices on the forklift in batches of 7 vehicles to minimize the impact on operations.

2_Calibration Every vehicle is registered by make and model to ensure precize calibration.

3_Implementation All forklift drivers get an initial training session to familiarize with the devices and process.

4_Coaching All drivers receive individual and real-time coaching from a Rombit Driver Coach.

“We believe technology is the key towards a more safe working environment. The solution of Rombit helps our forklift drivers to adjust their personal behavior in a lean and efficient way.”

— Jo Van Moer, Founder and CEO Van Moer Logistics

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