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Rombit is the answer to today's challenges of operational excellence in a hyper-dynamic world. Should you keep creating more, better and faster operating systems? No. The answer lies in making relevant connections between your existing systems, augmenting your data with new information and enhancing your execution by using advanced data analytics. Rombit is your digital transformation partner delivering an increased level of efficiency, safety and security to all stakeholders within your complex industrial operations.

A phased approach towards truly dynamic operations.

STEP 1: Diagnostics

Where to start? We’ll do your homework. Decades of software implementations have created very complex IT-environments. Other processes might still need a digital upgrade. Untangling this web of challenges and opportunities is one of Rombit's core competences.

STEP 2: Data lake

Lots of data is available within your organisation, but locked inside software and database silo’s. Other data is not captured yet. We connect your operating systems in one data lake, add new datastreams through sensors or tailormade IoT-hardware, and make all your relevant data available, in real-time.

STEP 3: Data analytics

Advanced analytics and business intelligence is made easy when you dispose of relevant, real-time, standardised data: identify patterns, detect weaknesses and opportunities, recommend adjustments, or fully automate operational workflows.

STEP 4: Visualization

The end objective is to provide your operating systems with better and richer information. In case some of your workflow processes need a digital upgrade, we add customized visualization and applications for all user groups: employees, management, customers, suppliers...

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Fuelled by data analytics and the Internet of Things

Resiliency Check &
Digital Dashboard

Covid-19 has shown that many companies still struggle to get the right information in out-of-the-ordinary situations such as a lockdown scenario. Our Digital Dashboard provides constant operational and/or financial visibility, at the touch of a finger. Rombit has developed a lean and mean quick start program, to kick off your digital transformation.

  1. Resiliency Check: quick screening and analysis of your information flow
  2. Opportunity Scan: identify and define the dashboard features
  3. Digital Dashboard: development of your mobile visibility app

Dynamic Scheduling

Last-minute changes are inevitable. We unlock real-time information so you can cope with unforeseen events and successfully adjust your planning. 

Why Rombit?

We combine business know-how, technological expertise and operational experience.

About us

Industry knowledge

We speak your language. Previous projects in the port industry have given us valuable experience with the extensive industry ecosystem,  its complex processes and IT systems.

Internet of things (IoT)

We cover every aspect of Industry 4.0: creating and connecting IoT devices, building APIs, developing cloud-based software, performing advanced data analytics and more.

Phased approach

Think big, start small, scale fast. We phase your long-term digital transformation mission across multiple smaller software and hardware projects; each presenting a clear focus and ROI from day one.

IT project governance

We go for a strict project and business alignment to ensure your business value: we define clear steps, roles and responsibilities to keep every project on track.

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