Dynamic scheduling

Rombit integrates insights across all departments, support continuous schedule updates and optimise your operations based upon historical, situational and real-time data.

Your Challenge

Scheduling is an essential yet cumbersome task. Your planners rely on their experience and information from a multitude of siloed sources to establish the best possible schedule. Once communicated to the field teams, that schedule is subject to constant change: from new jobs, last minute rearrangements to unforeseen events.

Our solution

Rombit Dynamic Scheduling allows you to allocate all your resources in the most efficient way. We provide the flexibility to adapt your operations in real-time, in a more informed and coordinated way, and across different IT systems. Through advanced analytics, you can identify what is and what is not working optimally and adjust your process flow accordingly.


Unlock the data in your assets, infrastructure and people, and connect it with your existing systems to continuously optimise your scheduling, in real-time.

Single view

Collecting all relevant information from across your organisation and combining it with additional internal or external data, to identify disruptions and inefficiencies.

Real-time optimisation

Continuously analysing historical, situational and real-time data to calculate the optimal and most efficient process flow.

Increased automation

Feeding recommendations to your planners or fully automating your planning.

End-to-end solution

A digital scheduling process tailored to your specific needs, fully integrated within your operating systems.

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What our customers say.

“We strive to implement a dynamic scheduling that responds to ever-changing circumstances. We have therefore invested in the development of a technology platform that combines multiple insights in real-time: estimated times of arrival, availability of our boatsmen, fuel consumption etc. We chose Rombit because they possess both the required technological expertise and the experience in the nautical sector.”

— Pepijn Nuijten, Managing Director, Multraship

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