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Securing the most challenging
industrial sites

We offer consulting, installation and maintenance services, tailor-made to your security needs.

Access Control

Electronic access control is the basis for any secure work environment. Rombit offers an array of products, tailored to any site size or need, and fully compliant with ever changing regulations.

Perimeter Security

Protect your industrial site and any of its assets by blocking unauthorised physical intrusions.

CCTV Security

Our CCTV product range includes automated person and unwanted activity detection cameras, as well as a management dashboard with enhanced playback and analysis functionalities.

Theft Protection

Allround burglary protection with tailored hardware- and software applications.

Fire Protection

Our A-grade fire and smoke sensors provide full and reliable coverage, and can be extended with state-of-the-art infrared cameras, heat detection and image analysis techniques.

Environmental Monitoring

Trigger warnings through wind speed monitoring equipment and gas detection sensors. A very useful tool for port industry and (petro)chemical installations.

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Why Rombit?

Rombit Technics is your IoT, safety and security installation and maintenance partner.

Industry experience

Rombit has over 25 years of experience securing industrial terminals in the port of Antwerp.

Extensive portfolio

Rombit is an official installation partner of TKH Security, Bosch, Bam Bormet, Romware and many more.

The right certifications

Rombit has the highest security certifications: IBZ, Incert, ISO 9001, VCA, Fisq.

Integrated solutions

Rombit offers end-to-end solutions from consultancy and software development to hardware installation and support.

Discover our Advanced Security Solutions

Rombit Romware Romvision Container P-check

Advanced Access Control

Physical security in an industrial ecosystem is very challenging. Large open sites spread over multiple square miles, with multiple facilities, infrastructure and mobile assets that need to be managed. Rombit’s security solutions provides you an array of smart technologies that you can adopt to improve security. From gate entry systems and access control with pre-registration and authorisation solutions for employees, truck drivers and visitors, to onsite geofencing and perimeter security, CCTV and intrusion detection with advanced video analytics.

Port Security and ISPS Compliance

Our certified consultants an help port facilities to meet all international compliance guidelines, such as ISPS and AEO. We guide you through the challenges of designing a solid Port Facility Security Plan. From a quick scan to a tailor-fit service, Rombit enables you to prevent, protect, correct and restore your security compliance action plan.


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