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Quick Product Overview

Give your workers a digital guardian angel. Romware ONE is a tool to protect and engage them.

Lone Worker Support

Identify in real-time when and where a worker incident occurs.


Closing the loop. A short overview of the real-time management capabilities for Permits-to-Work.

Collision Avoidance

Rombit’s UWB-based proximity detection system gives both drivers and pedestrians accurate notifications of imminent collision situations in real-time.

Collision Avoidance

Actively safeguard your workers from collisions with material handling and other moving equipment, and capture valuable new insights on near misses and other safety KPIs.

Collision Avoidance Installation

Four easy steps to install the Rombit Collision Prevention solution

Evacuation Management Tutorial

Have you ever coordinated an evacuation at work? Timing and transparency are key. A small wearable can make a big difference.

Driver Coaching

While classic training is focused on knowledge and skills, Rombit provides you actual data of each driver’s safety performance allowing individual coaching.


The 3-part loop towards an ever safer shop floor

| Connected Worker, Real-Time Risk Management, Worker Safety | No Comments
There is more than one school of thought on how to achieve - or even how to envision “zero accidents”. Whether you start by looking what goes wrong or building…

The 9 main causes of forklift accidents

| Safety, Worker Safety | No Comments
Statistically, one in every ten forklifts will be involved in an accident. Not during its lifetime but every year! And these numbers represent accidents that involve either death or serious…

This is where most accidents happen in logistic sites

| Safety, Worker Safety | No Comments
Products, people and heavy vehicles create a mix that make warehouses an above average perilous place of work. Within those sites, some locations present a higher accident risk than others.…