Computer Vision

Do more with your existing cameras

Through the use of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we can make your existing camera network “see” more and understand the content of the digital images it captures. Trained for your operations specifically, you can respond automatically to events such as safety hazards or non-compliant cargo on your premises, or automate security checks and traffic flows. 

Romvision Rombit icon camera

Plug-and-play technology

Smart cameras are expensive. Why waste money when your existing cameras can be retrofitted and made ‘smart’ easily with our standalone solution.

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Artificial intelligence on the go

In need of a drone surveying your yard? Our technology is low-power and we partner with drone engineers for autonomous flight solutions.

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Scalable thanks to NVIDIA

Need to scale up the number of cameras or use cases? No problem, this technology easily scales with you.

Learn more: Computer Vision with Jetson Nano.

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Safety under Crane

RTGs, Quay Cranes, or Overhead Cranes? Make sure your personnel is safe under load.

  • Dangerous movement detection: Visible and audible alerts warn both crane operator and personnel on the ground
  • Object recognition: Distinguish personnel, containers, trucks, prime movers or straddle carriers
  • Dashboard: Remote, real-time incident reporting and monitoring
  • Multiple lanes: Monitor up to 6 driving lanes individually
  • Plug & Play: Self-contained solution that works independently of network loss
  • Unrivalled compatibility: Custom-fitted to any type of crane
Rombit worker Safety Under Crane artificial intelligence
Rombit Romware Romvision Container P-check

Container P-Check

Identify your cargo quickly without physical interaction.

  • Safety & Efficiency: Reduce turn-around time and increase safety by limiting physical interaction
  • Container Identification: Identify containers and verify them against your cargo manifest
  • Non-Compliance Detection: Receive alerts on damaged containers or broken seals
  • Cross-Platform: Installable on RMGs, gates, or even drone platforms
  • Minimal Impact: Our solution requires minimal infrastructure changes

Traffic Flow Monitoring

Spot infrastructural choke points early on and track cargo as it moves through your port.

  • Infrastructure Management: Gain insight into usage and congestion of your infrastructure to prioritize investments
  • Object Recognition: Distinguish between truck, rail or vessel traffic
  • Cargo Tracking: Easily track cargo across multiple cameras
  • Predicted Routing: Predict cargo destination and possible congestion early on
  • Existing infrastructure: Our solution is infrastructure agnostic and supports existing camera installations

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