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Rombit’s consultants have the knowledge, experience and resources to help you achieve your digitization goals. Untangling complex operations, identifying and analyzing digital gaps, and designing actionable solutions have been the bread and butter since our foundation.

Innovation Consultancy

Use innovation to create impact. The traditional ways of working are no longer in tune with the changing industrial environments. Digital transformation is a must if you want to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage. But where to begin? Rombit has elaborated an innovation and digital transformation track designed to define a clear digital strategy and an actionable roadmap with an immediate return on innovation, supported by your stakeholders.

Port Security and ISPS Compliance

Safety and security start with compliance. Our consultants help you to meet all international compliance guidelines, such as ISPS and AEO. We guide you through the challenges of designing a solid Port Facility Security Plan. From a quick scan to a tailor-fit service, Rombit enables you to prevent, protect, correct and restore. 

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