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We believe in the power of simple notifications to avoid serious accidents.

Rombit offers best-in class solutions for your worker safety. Our Romware Alert product offers automated incident response in man down scenarios and evacuation management, and supports certification checks to operate dangerous equipment. Romware Protect completes the offering with vehicle proximity detection that prevents man-machine collisions.

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Rombit Covid

Rombit Alert/Evacuation

Rombit Protect

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Rombit Romware wearable social distancing site security and worker safety bracelet


Prevent a spread of the coronavirus among your employees.

Key features

  • Social Distancing
  • Contact Tracing

Lone Worker Support

Make sure you receive a real-time alert when something goes wrong.

Key features

  • Man-down alert
  • Incident worker localization
  • Personal SOS button
  • Active wear detection
  • Option: Confined spaces
Rombit Romware lone worker safety
Worker Safety - Romware Alert - smart muster points

Evacuation Management

Ensure everyone’s safety during a calamity and allow emergency services to follow the whereabouts of both your employees and visitors in real time.

Key features

  • Evacuation alerts
  • Worker localization
  • Evacuee headcount
  • Smart muster points

Collision Avoidance

Implement the next-level prevention and actively safeguard your personnel from harm.

Key features

  • Proximity detection
  • Approaching vehicle warning
  • Driver warning
  • Option: Credential-based vehicle access
Rombit worker safety solutions worker in a warehouse
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Use cases
Testimonial BESIX Group

“A game-changer for awareness on our construction sites”

How to evolve towards an incident-free construction yard? Increasing the situational awareness of your workers is vital. BESIX Group ran a successful pilot project with Romware Alert. Discover why BESIX' Technical Engineer Stanislas, HSE Manager Joel and Quality Manager Rob are so impressed.

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