An anchor for every application

Rombit’s plug & play mobile UWB anchor for worker safety and equipment monitoring

Collision Avoidance

Actively safeguard your workers from collisions with material handling and other moving equipment.

Zones / Ranging

Warn workers, operators or systems when proximity between the anchor and a worker wearable is detected.

Driver Behavior

Your personal driver coaching solution to sustainably decrease the amounts of accidents and near misses.

Equipment Analytics

Track and monitor the use of your material handling equipment, and create your own analytics reports.

M-Anchor™ 100

M for Mobile, Romware’s signature equipment tracking device.

A unique combination of indoor and outdoor positioning features, behaviour sensors, and a range of modern connectivity options to provide real-time data processing.

The M-Anchor also provides next-level safety by detecting the proximity of workers and other equipment using patented UWB protocols.

A unique range of supporting devices augment the M-Anchor’s capabilities to complete your solution. Adding extra Battery Packs or Solar Panels for example provides long-term autonomy.



The M-Anchor interface for operator notifications, local access control and certification.

Fixed or mobile, indoors and outdoors

Every work environment is unique. We help you to build an infrastructure that is tailored to your needs.

Easy to install and retrofit

Protect your investments. There is no need to buy expensive new vehicles. We upgrade your existing equipment and make it ‘smart’.

I-Anchor™ 200

I for Indoor, a proven UWB anchor setup for accurate indoor positioning.

UWB offers a large range, superior accuracy and reliability at a significantly lower installation cost compared to existing solutions.

This setup can integrate with pre-installed WiFi networks for data backhauling. The 200-series also adds extra range and a Power of Ethernet (PoE) connection.


I-Anchor™ 100

A superior solution for advanced indoor positioning.

These anchors do not only track but also allow for two-way UWB communication with tags, for instance when using the Romware ONE wearable.


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