Field Services

Real-time risk management, on- and off-site

Enhanced safety, security and support for management and workers in field services.
Real-time risk management for your frontline worker in the field. A technology driven and proven solution that benefits safety, morale and productivity on the worker’s as well as the company’s side.

Rombit Lone Worker Support
Rombit Geofencing
Rombit Permit to Work

Real-time notifications ensure safety and security in the field

Close the loop between identifying and handling a ‘worker in distress’ situation. Integrated within your existing HSEQ procedures, you can guarantee a quick response to any emergency in any location at any time.

Field Services Lone Worker Support


Get real-time alerts when a worker is in distress

Explore how Rombit can enable you to identify in real-time when and where incidents occur. Alerts can be initiated automatically, following a fall or no-motion detection, or can be activated by a worker sending a personal emergency notification.

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Real-time geo-awareness to lower your operational risk

Whether you want to secure your site or direct traffic in the event of an evacuation, geofences are virtual zones that allow you to monitor the whereabouts of workers on-site. Set up muster points or define danger zones on-the-fly during an evacuation to ensure you know whether your workforce is safe.

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Field Services Geofencing
Field Services Permit to Work


Ensure only permitted staff access a restricted zone.

Get real-time visibility on the status of your work orders in the field. Ensuring that only permitted staff access a closed zone and execute the work order. Every permit activates a specific geofence around the area of the work order, confirming the entering and exiting by permitted staff and alerting any access by non-authorized personnel or contractors.

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Think outside the field

Extend your Rombit Field Worker Support modules with other Rombit solutions to provide full calamity control across your workplace, plant, or operations site.

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