Lone Worker Support

Real-time alerts when a worker is in distress through automatic fall, shock and no motion detection, or the activation of the personal SOS button.

Your Challenge

Accidents at work affect millions of people every year in all industries around the world. Man down incidents resulting from slips, trips and falls consistently constitute the large part of all workplace accidentsEspecially in lone worker situations, a quick response can minimize the seriousness of an injury or even avoid a fatality.

Our Lone Worker Support solution

Rombit enables you to identify in real-time when and where an incident occurs. Alerts can be initiated automatically following a fall or no-motion detection, or can be activated by a worker sending a personal SOS emergency notification.

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Close the emergency response loop

With Rombit Alert, you can close the loop between identifying and handling a ‘worker in distress’ situation. Integrated within your existing HSEQ procedures, you can guarantee a quick response to any emergency in any location at any time.

1. Worker in distress

The Rombit wearable automatically detects if a (lone) worker trips or falls, receives a shock or no longer moves. A worker in distress can also trigger a SOS message through a panic button.

2. Alert notification

Unless the worker confirms the event as a false alarm, the Rombit platform receives the alert notification with the location coordinates of the incident, which continue to be tracked throughout the entire event.

3. Response activation

Integrated with your safety control room or your internal notification process, Rombit Alert provides all the information to activate the emergency response in accordance with your internal procedures.

Solution Features

Ensure an automated incident response in real-time for any type of man down scenario.

Fall, shock and no-motion

Detect any incident as a result of any out-of-tolerance movement such as falls and sudden impacts, or a lack of movement.

Personal SOS

A personal alert button for a worker to send an emergency notification when in distress.

Real-time worker localization

Real-time location tracking of the worker in distress during the entire time of the alarm, both outdoor and indoor.

Emergency response

Integration with your control room and internal emergency response procedures to quickly escalate and respond to a man down notification.

False positives

Manual alarm cancelation by the worker to eliminate false alarm.


Individual worker feedback request made by HSEQ, the control room or the medical services to check if the worker is OK.

Confined spaces

Working in silos, tanks or manholes? Our patented extension option covers lone worker support in permit-required confined spaces.

Multiple wear factors

Rombit’s wearables are available in several wear factors, such as the velcro strap, clip-on, silicon watch band and lanyard.

No installation required

All features are available out of the box.

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Solution components


Rombit’s premium worker safety device.

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Rombit Platform

Real-time monitoring, reporting and insights.

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Extend your Rombit Alert module with other Rombit solutions to provide full calamity control across your workplace, plant or operations site.

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