Improve the productivity, safety and security of your operational workforce and mobile assets.

‘Man Meets Machine’ solutions with embedded intelligence


Our plug-and-play IoT solutions enable you to substantially improve your worker safety compliance, the performance of your material handling equipment, the efficiency of your operations and the physical security on your site.

Lone Worker Support

  • Fall, shock, no motion detection
  • Man-down alert
  • Incident worker localization
  • Personal SOS button

Evacuation Management

  • Worker evacuation alerts
  • Real-time Worker localization
  • Evacuee headcount
  • Smart muster points

Covid Prevention

  • Accurate UWB-distancing
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Contact bubbles
  • Configurable behavior

Collision Avoidance

  • Proximity detection
  • Dynamic danger zones
  • Approaching vehicle warning
  • Driver warning

Driver Behavior

  • Track vehicle parameters.
  • Dangerous, eco- & abusive driving
  • Real-time driver feedback
  • Individual driver coaching


  • Hazard/safety zones
  • Go/No-go zones
  • Workflow event triggering

Zones / Ranging

  • Proximity detection
  • Active zones/machines
  • Moving equipment/objects
  • Worker and operator warning

Indoor Positioning

  • RTLS integration
  • Different levels of accuracy (0D, 1D, 2D, 3D)
  • Indoor maps


  • NFC/UWB/GPS-based access
  • Zone/vehicle/fixed infrastructure
  • Permits and training certification

Equipment Analytics

  • Spaghetti diagrams
  • Location/distance tracking
  • Usage vs idles times
  • Traffic heatmaps

Site Security

  • Access control
  • Perimeter security
  • CCTV security
  • Fire protection

Environmental Monitoring

  • Gas detection
  • Wind speed 
  • Atmospheric dispersion

Increase your situational awareness capabilities, delivering RoI from day one.


By connecting our technologies with your internal systems, we power up your existing processes with real-time situational awareness, and provide the advanced data analytics you need to fully optimize your operations.


Rombit’s premium worker safety device.


Rombit’s signature equipment tracking device.

Rombit Platform

Real-time monitoring, reporting and insights.


Collision Avoidance

Actively safeguard your workers from collisions with material handling and other moving equipment.


Lone Worker Support

Real-time alerts when a worker is in distress through automatic fall, shock and no motion detection, or the activation of the personal SOS button.


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