Improve the safety and efficiency of your frontline operations.

Real-time risk management
with embedded intelligence

Our plug-and-play IoT solutions enable you to substantially improve your worker safety compliance, the performance of your material handling equipment, the efficiency of your operations as well as your bottom line.

Collision Avoidance

  • Proximity detection
  • Dynamic danger zones
  • Approaching vehicle warning
  • Driver warning
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Digital Driver Coach

  • Track vehicle parameters.
  • Dangerous, eco- & abusive driving
  • Real-time driver feedback
  • Individual driver coaching
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Zones / Ranging

  • Proximity detection
  • Active zones/machines
  • Moving equipment/objects
  • Worker and operator warning
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Equipment Analytics

  • Spaghetti diagrams
  • Location/distance tracking
  • Usage vs idles times
  • Traffic heatmaps
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Impact Analysis

  • Impact detection
  • Impact reporting
  • Extension of Digital Driver Coach
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Indoor Positioning

  • RTLS integration
  • Different levels of accuracy (0D, 1D, 2D, 3D)
  • Indoor maps

Lone Worker Support

  • Fall, shock, no motion detection
  • Man-down alert
  • Incident worker localization
  • Personal SOS button
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Evacuation Management

  • Worker evacuation alerts
  • Real-time Worker localization
  • Evacuee headcount
  • Smart muster points
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Zone Management

  • Hazard/safety zones
  • Go/No-go zones
  • Workflow event triggering
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Covid Prevention

  • Accurate UWB-distancing
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Contact bubbles
  • Configurable behavior
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  • NFC/UWB/GPS-based access
  • Zone/vehicle/fixed infrastructure
  • Permits and training certification
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A connected frontline operations solution delivering RoI from day one.


We protect and respond, assist and automate, analyze and report to make your operations safer, more efficient and more sustainable. One single platform to save lives in real time while cutting costs through predefined industry-proven applications.

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