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Rombit R for Resilience

We are here to make your industrial operations more safe and efficient


We enable you to thrive in challenging situations. Whether you’re confronted with last-minute scheduling changes, a calamity on your terminal, or a global pandemic that forces you to work remotely and respect the social distance. 


Save lives, cut costs. Rombit offers actual solutions that solve real-life problems, increase your industry worker safety and optimize the utilization of your resources.


As your digitalization partner, we stand by your side to gradually power up your existing systems and processes and integrate them with new digital products and services.


Improved productivity, profitability, safety and security requires your operations to get smarter. We increase your level of digitization, enabling us to deliver a ROI from day one.

Port Services
Oil & Gas
Heavy industry

Romware Covid Solutions

Precise and reliable bracelets for physical distancing and contact tracing.


Resiliency Check & Digital Dashboard

Do you have the tools to manage your organization in times of uncertainty and rapid change?


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