Internal Transport & Logistics

Proven safety, sustainability and cost-reducing solutions for your workforce and mobile equipment.

Integrated IoT products and coaching solutions that solve real-life problems. Improving safety and efficiency with the optimal solution to your internal transport and logistic needs.

Rombit Driver Behavior
Rombit Collision Avoidance

Safe site, safe driver & safe vehicle

Rombit allows for a tailored expansion and improvement of your capabilities in safeguarding your workforce, internal transportation and goods. Join our partners on the path towards zero incidents without compromising productivity and with significant added benefits in sustainability, equipment analytics, energy efficiency, scope 2 emission goals, …


Assist drivers towards compliance and sustainability

Go beyond classic training based on knowledge and skills. Rombit Digital Driver Coach provides unbiased, fact-based and actionable data of each individual driver’s safety performance. Allowing for efficient individual coaching and benefiting management, HSEQ, HR and driver. Furthermore safe and disciplined driving has proven to significantly reduce your operational costs due to less fuel/energy consumption.

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Analyze and control damages

Rombit Impact provides accurate and objective analytics of all impacts on all your vehicles, whether they are driver-caused, infrastructure-related or maintenance-driven. Data and insights leading to substantial savings in maintenance and increasing both lifespan as residual value of your material handling equipment.

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Rombit Internal Transport Equipment Analytics
Rombit Internal Transport Collision Avoidance


Prevent incidents before they happen

Rombit’s proven proximity detection provides both drivers and pedestrians with accurate and real-time notifications of imminent collision situations. Results accumulated in internal transportation and logistics conditions show a significant decrease in accidents as well as near misses. With the added benefit of collecting exhaustive, fact-based and actionable data on (formerly unknown) hotspots, driver behavior, …

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Upgrade your ORM and EHS system

Rombit’s APIs integrate easily with leading ORM and EHS systems, extending your worker safety procedures with real-time risk management.

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