Digital Driver Coach

Your personal driver coaching solution to sustainably decrease the amounts of accidents and near misses.

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Your Challenge

Sudden braking, sudden accelerations, sharp turns, lane crossing and speeding. Bad driver behavior does not only have an impact on the overall safety in the workplace with an increased risk of worker injuries. It has a direct cost impact with potential damages to vehicle or material and increased insurance costs.

Our Digital Driver Coach solution

While classic training is focused on knowledge and skills, Rombit’s Digital Driver Coach provides you actual data of each driver’s safety performance allowing individual coaching. With the Driverbox extension, your drivers receive immediate feedback for out-of-tolerance driving.

40% to 90% improvement in the first year!

Get a significant and sustainable decrease in accidents and near misses based on three driver safety KPIs: dangerous driving, excessive braking and acceleration, and non-eco driving. Rombit Drive provides proven results on your driver behavior for all stakeholders in your organization.


  • Less accidents, more productivity
  • Less maintenance requirements
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Longer residual life


  • Less accidents
  • Higher overall safety
  • Individual evaluations on objective data
  • Personal coaching capabilities
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Continuous improvement of driver skills
  • Individual evaluations on objective data

Human Resources

  • Individual evaluations on objective data
  • Personal coaching capabilities

What our customers say.

“As a progressive and innovative company, Wolftech has opted to improve the driving behavior of our staff and to keep the level of damages under control. Since the roll-out of Rombit Digital Driver Coach, we have seen a cost reduction of 70%.”

— Kris Lambrecht, Managing Director, Wolftech

“At Schrauwen, we have around 30 forklifts that are continuously on the move. At the end of each day, we want to ensure that our operations were completed safely and efficiently. It is therefore essential we get honest, neutral feedback to offer our drivers qualitative coaching.”

— Tom Van Molle, Prevention Officer, Schrauwen

Solution Features

Analyse and guide your drivers’ behavior in real-time and sustainably improve overall safety as well as the TCO of your material handling equipment.

Driver safety KPIs

Real-time and historical analysis of non-eco driving, dangerous turning and excessive braking and accelerating.

Individual evaluation

Profile analysis of each driver across all equipment, supporting individual coaching.

Real-time connectivity

Data is automatically and continuously uploaded to the platform in real-time.

Real-time driver feedback

Instant alerts for out of tolerance driving.

Driver authorization

Use the Rombit NFC tag to assign credentials per driver, or integrate with your existing access control system.

Easy retrofit installation

Supports all types and brands of material handling equipment and makes your existing fleet ‘smart’.

Want to know how Rombit Digital Driver Coach can lower your TCO?

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Solution components


Rombit’s signature equipment tracking device.

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A connected device for instant driver feedback.

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Rombit Platform

Real-time monitoring, reporting and insights.

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Rombit behavior based training for the optimal result.

Capturing data on driver behavior is only the first step in minimising the number of accidents, near misses or damages with material handling equipment. True change comes from individual behavior based safety training

Rombit’s training services guarantees an optimal result. Our coaches periodically evaluate your drivers on a personal level, combining theoretical and practical training to eliminate any dangerous non-eco driving behavior.

Upgrade your solution

Extend your Rombit Digital Driver Coach module with other Rombit solutions to further manage the TCO of your material handling equipment and increase your worker safety and protection.

Rombit Collision Avoidance actively safeguards your workers from collisions with material handling and other moving equipment and captures valuable new insights on near misses

Collision Avoidance

Rombit Impact Analysis analyses and controls the impacts on your material handling equipment resulting from driver performance, road conditions and maintenance requirements.

Impact Analysis

Rombit Equipment Analytics provides new yet crucial information and creates valuable insights across your entire material, mobility and equipment handling operations.

Equipment Analytics

Do you want to decrease the TCO of your material handling equipment?

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