Evacuation Management

Send an evacuation alert to all or a selected group of workers, follow their whereabouts in real-time and automatically identify workers in the muster zones.

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Your Challenge

The immediate exit of all people in your workplace out of the facility or away from the incident area, is key to guarantee their safety during a calamity. But while your evacuation plans ensure the safest and most efficient route to the muster zones, it is the ability to alert, locate and identify everyone that allows you to actively manage your evacuation.

Our Evacuation Management solution

With Rombit you can account for everyone in real-time, track who is safe, still in the field or missing, and offer valuable information to the emergency services that can save lives.

Take your emergency evacuation to the next level

There are two key elements for maximising the life saving of each individual in your facility during an evacuation process: guarantee everyone receives the evacuation warning as soon as possible and provide emergency services with accurate information of everyone’s whereabouts. Rombit Evacuation significantly increases the effectiveness of your emergency plan by offering these two elements with one single push on a button.

Guaranteed notification

You no longer have to depend on your workers to have heard or seen the general alarm system. Rombit sends an evacuation alert to each individual badge, guaranteeing each worker to be notified wherever his location or work activity.


No need to make a paper list or swipe employee ID badges at the muster station. Rombit automatically accounts for every employee and visitor during and after an evacuation, and accurately reports on the headcount at all your muster points.

Solution Features

Ensure everyone’s safety during a calamity and allow emergency services to follow the whereabouts of both your employees and visitors in real time.

Worker evacuation alarm

Send an individual evacuation alert to all or groups of people onsite in case of an emergency situation, wherever they are.

Real-time worker localization

Real-time location tracking of all workers during the entire time of the evacuation, both outdoor and indoor, accounting for safe, onsite or missing people.

Hazard zones

Protect your workers by geofencing no-go zones to keep them away from hazard areas during an incident or dangerous activities.

Smart mustering

Automatic activation of preconfigured geofence muster zones for workers to safely gather during the evacuation.

Evacuee headcount

Accurate and real-time reporting on and identification of workers, safely located within your muster zones, and workers still in the field.


Individual worker feedback request made by HSEQ, the control room or the medical services to check if the worker is OK.

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Rombit’s premium worker safety badge.

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Rombit Platform

Real-time monitoring, reporting and insights.

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Extend your Rombit Evacuation module with other Rombit solutions to provide full calamity control across your workplace, plant or operations site.

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