Equipment Monitoring and Analytics

Track and monitor the use of your material handling equipment, both indoor and outdoor, and create your own analytics reports.

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Your Challenge

Data analytics and machine learning are ready to take pole position for your company to reach a higher productivity at a lower cost. However, the key to unlock its potential is to get the actual relevant data. Especially if your fleet of material handling equipment is aging and consists of vehicles from different brands, collecting that data can be a real challenge.

Our Equipment Analytics solution

Rombit enables you to easily monitor every type of vehicle, untap new yet crucial information and create insights across your entire material handling operations that will further increase the efficiency and scheduling of your activities with less costs.

Valuable insights from previously untapped data.

The sensors of Rombit’s M-Anchor provide a myriad of new data that transforms the overall productivity of your material handling equipment, whatever their brand or age. Rombit equipment analytics turns your equipment into smart connected devices.

  • Spaghetti diagrams
  • Location tracking
  • Distances traveled
  • Usage vs idles times
  • Traffic heatmaps
  • Congested and danger areas
  • Vehicle activity
  • Driver activity

Solution Features

Increase the cost efficiency and productivity of your material handling equipment and processes. Rombit Track provides an innovative, yet simple and affordable solution to take your internal logistics to the Industry 4.0 level.


Key insights on runtime, idle time, average and top speeds, distances covered, etc.


Real-time GPS/UWB tracking of your moving equipment, both indoor and outdoor.


Data is automatically and continuously uploaded to the platform in real-time.


Visualisation of all historical vehicle events and traffic analytics.

Data lake

Access to all captured sensor data to further optimise your resource patterns.

Easy installation

Retrofit on all types and brands of material handling equipment.

Want to know how Rombit Equipment Analytics can increase your efficiency?

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Solution components


Rombit’s signature equipment tracking device.

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Rombit Platform

Real-time monitoring, reporting and insights.

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Rombit API

Connect to your internal systems or processes.

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Upgrade your solution

Extend your Rombit Track module to manage the TCO of all your material handling equipment.

Rombit Digital Driver Coach analyses and guides your drivers’ behavior in real-time and sustainably improves overall safety and the TCO of your material handling equipment.

Driver Behavior

Rombit Impact Analysis analyses and controls the impacts on your material handling equipment resulting from driver performance, road conditions and maintenance requirements.

Impact Analysis

Do you want to move to zero incidents with your material handling equipment?

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