Real-time monitoring

and analytics platform

A powerful tool for safety and efficiency insights.

Advanced safety analytics
  • Near misses
  • Safety profile per vehicle
  • Safety profiles per driver/worker
  • Speeding behavior
  • Site heatmaps
  • Comparative site statistics
Advanced operational analytics
  • Usage percentage
  • Idle time vs stoppage time
  • Driving behavior
  • Eco behavior
  • Bumps monitoring
  • Site heatmaps
  • Comparative site statistics

Real-time notifications
and tracking.

Dashboard notification

Man-down, dead man's switch, fall detection, wear detection

SMS / Whatsapp service

Incident notification to HSE or medical services

Track / Trace / Replay

Real-time positioning of alerts, historical overview of all accidents

Evacuation management

Evacuation alerts, automatic detection of workers within safe muster zones.

Zone management

Safe/hazardous zones, authorized/non-authorized access


Database solution for real-time certificate / permit checks


API's for positioning, event, driving...

Data Lake

Real-time storage of all events, locations and permits

Data ingestion services

Integration support with scalable MQTT intake (LTEm, UWB, NFC, GPS...)

The possibilities are endless.

Rombit’s Firmware Development Kit (FDK) and Software Development Kit (SDK) provides readymade API’s to interface with HSEQ and operational systems, in addition to the ability to customize your own solution.

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All GPS traces

  • Smart Badge ID
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Speed
  • Hdop

Access authorization

  • Smart Badge ID
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Geofence ID
  • Authorization (true/false)


  • Smart Badge ID
  • Wear detection
  • Location and latest movements
  • Zone management (e.g. hazard zone)
  • Queries and filters

UWB ranging

  • Smart Badge ID
  • Entry/exit in zone
  • Entry in red/orange/green zone

UWB localization

  • Smart Badge ID
  • Entry/exit in zone
  • Entry in red/orange/green zone

Man down

  • Smart Badge ID
  • Drop motion
  • Shock motion
  • No-motion

Software development kit

  • Java
  • Node JS
  • Python

Open API

  • Swagger

Analytics and reporting

  • Data lake: raw events

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