Collision Avoidance

Actively safeguard your workers from collisions with material handling and other moving equipment, and capture valuable new insights on near misses and other safety KPIs.

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Man-machine proximity is one of the main categories of workplace related accidents. Each year, 11% of forklifts are involved in an accident, over 35% of which result in serious injuries or death. Besides the human and operational impact, the costs for worker compensation and liability insurances for internal logistics activities are increasing year after year.

Our Collision Avoidance solution

With Rombit’s UWB-based proximity detection system, both drivers and pedestrians receive accurate and real-time notifications of imminent collision situations. Defining the appropriate safe, warning and danger zones around each vehicle minimizes the chance of a collision and even significantly reduces the number of near misses.

Save lives, cut costs.

Zero incident operations are a constant priority. However, investing in continuous risk management and accident prevention are generally regarded as a ‘cost’ without any ‘return’. Yet inadequate safety for your blue collar workers is more expensive: from lower productivity resulting from working days lost to increased insurance premiums. Rombit Collision Avoidance offers a double return on safety: less accidents and less operational costs.


  • Less accidents
  • Safer material handling operations
  • Significant near miss reduction
  • Evolve to zero incident
  • Increased situational awareness
  • Higher safety awareness


  • Less working days lost
  • Less worker compensation claims
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • More efficient operational flows

Towards zero incidents
with Rombit Collision Avoidance

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Solution Features

Actively safeguard your workers from harm by increasing the situational awareness on your facilities. Rombit Collision Avoidance enables you to eliminate any type of man-machine collisions, both indoor and outdoor.

360° proximity detection

Two-way UWB ranging technology for highly accurate proximity detection around the vehicle in real-time.

Real-time alerts

Instant notification to both the driver and the pedestrians of any imminent collision risk.

Multiple ranging zones

Define the appropriate safe, warning and danger zones for each type of vehicle.

Configurable alerts

Configure the behavior of each type of collision alert that works for your operations.


No need for cellular or wifi connectivity; collision avoidance works everywhere all the time.

Safety insights

Keep track of all alerts and near misses, and identify high-risk situations to continuously improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Driver authorization

Use the Rombit NFC tag to assign credentials per driver, or integrate with your existing access control system.

Multiple wear factors

Rombit’s wearables are available in several wear factors, such as the velcro strap, clip-on, silicon watch band and lanyard.

Easy installation

Retrofit on all types and brands of material handling and other moving equipment.

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Solution components


Rombit’s signature equipment tracking device.

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A connected device for instant driver feedback.

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Rombit’s premium worker safety badge.

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Rombit Platform

Real-time monitoring, reporting and insights.

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Upgrade your solution

Extend your Rombit Collision Avoidance module to provide full safety to your workforce.

Driver Behavior

Rombit Digital Driver Coach analyses and guides your drivers’ behavior in real-time and sustainably improves overall safety and the TCO of your material handling equipment.

Equipment Analytics

Rombit Equipment Analysis untaps new yet crucial information and creates valuable insights across your entire material handling operations.

Evacuation Management

Rombit Evacuation enables you to account for everyone in real-time during a calamity, track who is safe, still in the field or missing.

Do you want to move to zero incidents with your material handling equipment?

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