Impact Analysis

Analyse and control damages and other impacts on your material handling equipment.

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Your Challenge

The purchase of your material handling equipment only accounts for 20% of all the costs. The other 80% occur over the life of the vehicle, with operator abuse and the absence of adequate preventive maintenance as the two main cost drivers.

Our Impact Analysis solution

As an extension to the Digital Driver Coach solution, Rombit Impact provides accurate and objective analytics of all impacts on all your vehicles, whether they are driver-caused, infrastructure-related or maintenance-driven.

40% to 50% decrease of your TCO!

Get key insights in the use of your material handling equipment and significantly reduce your operational costs. Rombit Impact provides proven results in the impacts that each of your vehicles endure, whether they are caused by a driver, related to the state of your facility infrastructure or the result of a maintenance requirement.


  • Identification of and information on driver-caused impacts
  • Insights for infrastructure improvements (e.g. putholes, floor imbalances)
  • Notification for preventive maintenance


  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less damages to material and equipment
  • Less overall wear and tear

Solution Features

Analyse and control damages and other impacts to sustainably improve the TCO of your material handling equipment.

Impact detection

Configurable sensitivity to detect and store all out of tolerance impacts.

Impact reporting

Insights into driver performance, road condition and machine vibrations.

Easy retrofit installation

Supports all types and brands of material handling equipment and makes your existing fleet ‘smart’.

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Solution components


Rombit’s signature equipment tracking device.

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Rombit Platform

Real-time monitoring, reporting and insights.

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Upgrade your solution

Extend your Rombit Impact module with other Rombit solutions to further manage the TCO of your material handling equipment and increase your worker safety and protection.

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