Ensure that only permitted operators and contractors execute assigned work orders.

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Your Challenge

Managing Permits-to-Work (PtW) in your project or production site is labor intensive, time intensive and error prone. Production managers struggle to have full visibility on ongoing non-routine activities, while HSEQ managers aim to eliminate all safety risks during PtW, Lone Worker, Machine Operations and Lock Out/Tag Out/Try Out procedures. Process quality and safety systems rely on manual data inputs, there are no real-time insights. There is little or no visibility into Access Control to certain work or no go zones.

Our Permit to Work solution

By extending Work Permit and HSE management platforms with IoT data from safety devices, we offer a closed loop system for managing your permits.

The closed loop for managing permits in real-time

Several software providers automate the initiation, preparation and control of Permits to Work and LoTo processes, Rombit ensures that only the permitted staff execute the work order and guarantees their safety at all timesEvery permit issued by a PtW platform activates a predefined zone around the area of the work order. The Rombit smart badge tracks all entries into the GPS-geofenced or UWB-marked zone, confirms the start and end of the work order when the team enters or exits the zone, or activates an alarm in case of a non-permitted entry. 

Integrated with PtW systems

Rombit’s platform APIs support easy integration into existing Permits to Work and LoTo process systems.

Zone activation

Rombit’s Zone Management feature allows pre-defining the work areas that need to be controlled during specific PtW orders.

Access control

Get real-time insights into authorized and unauthorized access of workers into active PtW areas.

Worker safety

Combine with Rombit’s Lone Worker Support module to ensure the real-time safety of permitted workers while working in the danger area.

What our partners say.

“By integration with Rombit ONE, Tenforce is one of the first EHSQ software platforms to ensure real-time visibility into worker safety for Permit to Work management and Lock-Out Tag-Out systems. We believe that this partnership is a major step forward in enabling better collaboration between the office teams and reality of the shop floor.”

— Bastiaan Deblieck, CCO & Co-Founder, TenForce

Solution Features

Ensure that only permitted operators and contractors access work areas and execute the assigned work orders.

Automated zone management

Safeguard the area of a permit to work

Rombit allows you to create and activate zones around a specific area or section of your site that is subject to a permit to work. This geofence is automatically activated upon the issuance of the permit and deactivated when that permit is surrendered or expired.

Dynamic access control

Limit access to permitted workers

During the activation of a geofence, access to the protected zone is limited to the workers assigned to the permit. Upon the entry of a non-permitted worker, Rombit sends an instant alert to both the appropriate HSEQ responsible and the non-permitted worker

Automated work order status updates

Receive notifications when a permitted worker order starts/completes

The entry of a permitted worker into an active geofence triggers a notification that the execution of the work order has been started. Exiting the zone can trigger a completion notification.

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Rombit’s premium worker safety badge.

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Rombit Platform

Real-time monitoring, reporting and insights.

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Rombit ONE offers an extensive range of additional safety features on top of zone management. Extend Rombit Permit to Work with other solutions to increase worker safety across your workplace, plant or operations site.

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