A unique industry commands unique safety solutions

A mobile first, real-time and responsive safety solution that creates user friendly control with clear and simple feedback.

Rombit Collision Avoidance
Rombit Lone Worker Support
Rombit Geofencing

Ready to use IoT solutions

Ensuring worker safety for railroad workers presents unique challenges. Current solutions and systems are often outdated or otherwise inadequate and clearly struggle with this problem. Rombit’s proven IoT innovations and plug-and-play hardware offer a ready to use solution that’s elegant in its simplicity while also strong in its life saving potential.


Prevent incidents before they happen

Rombit’s proven proximity detection provides rail workers with accurate and real-time notifications of imminent collision situations. A PoC initiated and supervised by a national railroad organization showed Rombit’s solution passing 10 out of 10 in 10 practical scenarios. Not compromised by noise or low visibility. Non reliant on existing railway infrastructure combined with Low ToC and SPE.

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Get real-time alerts when a worker is in distress

Explore how Rombit can enable you to identify in real-time when and where incidents occur. Alerts can be initiated automatically, following a fall or no-motion detection, or can be activated by a worker sending a personal emergency notification.

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Real-time geo-awareness and control of restricted zones

Lower your operational risk by securing (parts of) your site by defining and altering controlled, restricted or exclusion zones. Allow, prohibit and monitor the access of exclusively authorized staff and communicate all restrictions to all concerned parties in real-time. A compact and mobile solution featuring an extreme user-friendly flexibility in both the setting up and ad-hoc altering of geofences.

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Save lives, cut costs

Non-reliant on existing railway infrastructure combined with Low ToC and SPE. Safety, productivity and efficiency can go hand in hand.

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