Case study: a real-time platform for pilotage and mooring

A port visualisation platform

Operational efficiency is indispensable in the port sector. For Brabo, Rombit creates one user-friendly platform, integrating existing and new data sources. By visualizing all data in a geographical overview, Rombit enhances the situational awareness for pilots, boatmen and dispatchers. It provides an automated decision support system by applying big data analytics and machine learning.

Key technologies
  • Digitisation
  • Dashboarding
  • Track and trace
  • Data diagnostics
  • Machine learning

The challenge

Brabo’s ambition is to transform into a future-proof pilot organisation. This requires full digitisation of all paperwork; enhancing the situational awareness of all assets and workers; unlocking both historical and real-time data; integrating all siloed processes and systems in one digital platform; and implementing automated decision support.

“Maritime pilots from around the world are impressed by our revolutionary port visualisation platform.”

— Ronny Detienne, CEO, Brabo

The Solution

_Step 1: Workflow digitisation: planning &  time registration, order management, incident management, routing

_Step 2: Adding IoT sensors for track & trace solutions, access control and time registration

_Step 3: Integrating & visualising in one user-friendly platform: online dashboard and mobile applications

_Step 4: Machine Learning for automated decision support

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