Case study: Lone Worker Support

Rombit & Recipharm

Workplace safety in Pharma

Recipharm is a leading global pharmaceutical Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO). They provide pharmaceutical companies around the world with tailor-made development and manufacturing services, including a variety of drug dosage forms, and inhalation products and devices.

The first collaboration between Rombit and Recipharm focused on COVID-prevention. However, the Rombit wearable featured plenty of other functions that Recipharm wanted to explore. The main goal was to improve the safety at their sites. This translates as a challenge with both a health- and an administrative focus. 

First off, there’s the safety of lone workers. Recipharm has a 24/7, coming and going, flow of employees. Many of these work at night and work alone. This presents potential unsafe situations. Lone worker support ensures safety for workers, including for those doing their job alone. 

The second focus of this case is on authentication. Everyone at Recipharm uses badges. Rombit integrated an NFC chip, identical to the one in the badge, inside the wearable. This enables workers to authenticate themselves with the wearable. There no longer is a need for badges. Less clutter, more focus. 

End-to-end Service

1_Use Case Identification Analysis of situation and best fit with one of the lone worker support solutions.

2_Configuration While the devices are being shipped, the tenants and other necessary settings are being configured for a flawless implementation.

3_Onboarding and Training Getting all stakeholders up to speed by training them to use the solution.

4_Evaluation and Support Assisting in analyzing data as well as providing support for end- and platform users.

“Rombit’s CEO and its employees make for a dynamic, innovative team. I’m looking forward to our future cooperation and to explore what more we can add to our solutions.”

— Yves Buelens, General Manager of Recipharm

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