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Digital bracelets for social distancing and contact tracing at work.

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Romware Radius

“This might be the world’s answer to social distancing.”

Reuters, 23 April 2020

Rombit Covid Solution - Romware Radius
Rombit Romware Covid Radius - Social distancing indoor

Social Distancing

How to ensure a safe distance at work? 

People quickly forget to respect the social distance guidelines when they are concentrating on their work.

Rombit’s bracelets provide gentle notifications to employees when they come too close to each other: a visual warning and a vibration.

Contact Tracing

Halt the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace

We enable you to identify high-risk contacts. When an employee is infected, the company physician can consult the wearable register to retrieve the identities of the colleagues that have been too close to the employee during the previous two weeks.

Worker privacy is key. Rombit’s solution is fully GDPR-compliant and has successfully passed the audit of the Data Protection Authority.

Rombit Romware lone worker safety

Beyond Corona

Choose a long-term, sustainable solution

Rombit’s wearables offer an extensive range of additional safety features on top of Covid’s Distancing and Contact Tracing.

  • Romware ONE™ is our premium wearable that supports calamity localisation, SOS alarms and man-down detection, in addition to vehicle collision warning.
  • Romware Radius™ offers the reliability of UWB ranging, supporting both collision detection and UWB localisation functionalities.

Why choose Romware Covid solutions?

Reliable, indoor & outdoor

UWB technology provides the accuracy needed for reliable measurements.

Rombit Romware watch icon
Designed with users in mind

We use non-distractive alarms (light and vibrations) that protect you while you keep focused on your work.

Rombit Romware out of the box ready icon
Easy deployment

Out-of-the-box solution, ready to get started. Zero installation or data connection needed. 


Rugged devices, made to withstand daily industrial use.

Rombit was immediately ready to deliver. The Romware Covid solution helps the Port of Antwerp to remain resilient and fully operational during this corona crisis.

Jacques VandermeirenCEO Port of Antwerp - April 2020

We wanted a physical distancing solution that also offers added value after corona, such as fall detection and collision warning. That’s why we chose the Romware ONE.

Dirk DielisHSE Manager Atlas Copco Rental Solutions - May 2020

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