Distancing &
Contact Tracing

Protect your employees in pandemic situations and keep your operations contamination free.

Your Challenge

Covid-19 took the world by surprise. Local governments urged organisations to rethink their HSE strategy. Social distancing and contact tracing became essential in order to keep operations running safely and in compliance with pandemic control recommendations.

Our Distancing and Contact Tracing solution

With Rombit, you can enforce preventive measures among your workforce against highly contagious diseases and immediately quarantine high-risk contacts to halt the spread in your workplace.

70% less contact alerts after 1 month!

People quickly forget to respect distancing guidelines when they are concentrating on their work. Rombit’s wearables provide gentle notifications to employees when they come too close to each other: a visual warning and a vibration. The Rombit Platform enables you to identify high-risk contacts when an employee is infected, with respect to workers’ privacy rights.

Reliable, indoor and outdoor

Rombit’s UWB technology provides the accuracy needed for reliable short distance measurements.

Designed with users in mind

Rombit Contact uses non-distractive alarms (light and vibrations) that protect your employees while they keep focused on their work.

Easy deployment

An out-of-the-box solution, ready to get started. Zero installation or data connection needed.


Rombit’s rugged devices have been made to withstand daily and heavy industrial use.

What our customers say

“Rombit was immediately ready to deliver. The Rombit Covid solution helps the Port of Antwerp to remain resilient and fully operational during this corona crisis.”

— Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO, Port of Antwerp

“We wanted a physical distancing solution that also offers added value after corona, such as fall detection and collision warning. That’s why we chose the Rombit ONE.”

— Dirk Dielis, HSE Manager, Atlas Copco Rental Solutions

Solution Features

Ensure your workers respect the applicable distancing requirements and halt the spread of any pandemic disease in your workplace.

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Social distancing

Send immediate notifications to workers when they violate a predefined perimeter distance between them.

Contact tracing

Keep track of all encounter alerts and identify high-risk contacts in full compliance with the most strict international privacy laws.

Configurable behavior

Configure the distance, time, type and intensity of the social distancing alert that works for your operations.

Contact bubbles

Define contact groups in which the social distancing alert may be exempt between its members, yet keep track of their contacts to allow targeted quarantaine in case of a contamination case.

Multiple wear factors

Rombit’s wearables are available in several wear factors, such as the velcro strap, clip-on, silicon watch band and lanyard.

No installation

All features are available out of the box.

Solution components


Rombit’s premium worker safety device.

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Rombit Platform

Real-time monitoring, reporting and insights.

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Fully privacy compliant

Rombit Distancing and Contact Tracing is fully GDPR compliant and has successfully passed the audit of the Data Protection Authority.

Rombit Distancing and Contact Tracing uses a patented solution for data security, which is in complete accordance with international privacy law guidelines.

Upgrade your solution

Rombit ONE offers an extensive range of additional safety features on top of Social Distancing and Contact Tracing. Extend Rombit with other solutions to increase worker safety across your workplace, plant or operations site.

Lone Worker Support
Collision Avoidance
Evacuation Management

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