Forklift Safety and Efficiency

The world’s first end-to-end forklift safety solution

The number of fatal injuries in the services industry, which encompasses warehouses, logistics, wholesale and retail trade, increases three times faster than all other industries. The dangers of such workplaces lie in the driving of heavy assets, such as forklift trucks, and the lifting or carrying of heavy objects. Risks associated with harsh braking or acceleration, sharp turns and collisions account for more than 60% of all incidents.

At Rombit, we combine our expertise in driver and safety coaching with a pioneering hard- and software solution. The result is an integrated approach for safe and sustainable forklift operations that offers a triple return on safety: less accidents, more worker retention and less operational costs. The modular and easy retrofit setup makes our solutions easy to implement and scale within any existing structure or on-site fleet. Start with Rombit’s Digital Driver Coach today and transform your forklift operations with lasting impact. 

Rombit Driver Behavior
Rombit Collision Avoidance

Save lives, cut costs.

Zero incident operations are a constant priority. However, investing in continuous risk management and accident prevention are generally regarded as a ‘cost’ without any ‘return’. Yet inadequate safety for your blue collar workers is more expensive: from higher fuel consumption to higher maintenance and repair costs; from lower productivity due to working days lost and increased insurance premiums. Inappropriate driving also has a direct negative impact on CO2 emissions. With Rombit, you not only improve overall safety. We provide clear, demonstrable and continuous improvements that go straight to your bottom line.

Rombit Driver Behavior


Assist drivers towards compliance in real-time

Go beyond classic training, focused on knowledge and skills, Rombit Digital Driver Coach provides unbiased, fact-based and actionable data of each individual driver’s safety performance. Allowing for efficient individual coaching and benefiting all stakeholders (driver, management, HSEQ, HR). The Driverbox extension provides drivers with immediate feedback for out-of-tolerance driving.

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Prevent incidents before they happen

Rombit’s proven proximity detection system provides both drivers and pedestrians with accurate and real-time notifications of imminent collision situations. Results show a significant decrease in accidents as well as near misses. With the added benefit of collecting exhaustive, fact-based and actionable data on (formerly unknown) hotspots, driver behavior, …

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Rombit Collision Avoidance
Rombit Driver Coaching


Automated driver coaching for optimal results

Truly change your forklift safety with behavior based safety training. Evaluate drivers on their personal coachable events, such as harsh turning, excessive braking or near misses, and automatically combine theoretical and practical training to sustainably eliminate any non-compliant driving behavior.

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Track and monitor the use of your material handling equipment

Benefit from easily monitoring every type of vehicle. Access untapped yet crucial information and insights across your entire material handling operation that will further increase the efficiency and scheduling of your activities. All this at a substantially lesser cost.

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Rombit Equipment Monitoring & Analytics
Rombit Impact Analytics


Analyse and control damages and other impacts on your material handling equipment.

As an extension to the Digital Driver Coach and Collision Avoidance solution, Rombit Impact provides accurate and objective analytics of all impacts on all your vehicles, whether they are driver-caused, infrastructure-related or maintenance-driven.

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Save costs while improving your ESG compliance

Significantly reduce your operational costs due to less fuel/energy consumption, less damages and lower maintenance costs, and increase the residual value  of your material handling equipment.

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Rombit TCO Reduction

Easy to install and retrofit

Protect your investments. There is no need to buy expensive new vehicles. We upgrade your existing equipment and make it ‘smart’.

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