Zone Management

Real-time geo-awareness to lower your operational risk.

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Your Challenge

Frontline workers that are operating in large open areas or on offsite locations face several challenges that are specifically linked to their ‘location’. How do you ensure only permitted employees or contractors access a designated zone? How do you identify their location during an evacuation? How do you know when they have accessed or exited their workplace?  

Our Zone Management solution

Whether you want to secure your site, monitor zone entries and exits, or direct traffic in the event of an evacuation, Rombit Zone Management allows you to monitor and control the whereabouts of your workers. You can safeguard restricted or hazardous areas from unauthorized entries, set up evacuation muster points, or further automate your frontline operations by detecting zone entries/exits and permits-to-works.

Real-time situational awareness

With Rombit Zone Management, you can monitor the whereabouts of your frontline workers to further automate your operations or lower your operational risk. The Rombit Platform has defined multiple geofence types that can be used out-of-the-box, in combination with other Rombit solutions, or integrated into your own internal systems.

1. Smart badge geofences

For day-to-day operations monitoring, smart badge geofences are a privacy-conscious alternative to platform geofences. The zone is stored on the smart badge and only entry and exit events are shared with the platform.

2. Platform geofences

Platform geofences periodically upload the worker’s location to the Rombit platform and correlate it to existing pre-defined geofences. This type of zones is ideal to use during incidents.

3. Muster points

A specific type of platform geofence, muster points geofences typically overlap with the physical locations of muster points in the real world. During an incident, workers are considered ‘safe’ when they are inside this zone. The worker location in this geofence type are only tracked during an evacuation.

4. Danger zone

Danger zones are typically defined ‘on-the-fly’ during an incident or an evacuation. Workers who are inside this zone are considered ‘in danger’ and will be urged to leave this area. The locations of worker are only tracked during the incident.

Solution Features

Ensure your workforce is always safe out there.

Restrict access

Get notified when employees, third-party contractors or visitors enter a restricted area on site.

Situational awareness

Coordinate with first responders and provide them a real-time overview of employees who are inside the danger zone during an incident.

Emergency response

Initiate an effective incident response by defining danger zones on-the-fly, ensuring people are aware when they are in danger.

Automatic check-in

No more tallying during an evacuation. Using the GPS location of the Rombit smart badge, people are automatically marked as ‘safe’ when they are near a muster point.

GDPR compliant

Geofences stored on the badge ensure that processing of location data on our servers is limited. Locations are only tracked during ongoing incidents.

Integrate external systems

Rombit’s Platform provides readymade API’s to easily interface with your operational and HSEQ systems.

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