Rombit is proud to add STG, a wholesaler and distributor of sanitaryware and -technics, and Melexis, a global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions, to its rapidly growing number of clients.

In their continuous search for ways to improve on both worker safety and efficiency, STG and Melexis have decided on Rombit’s innovative solutions. The companies acknowledge Rombit’s innovative technologies and industry expertise as the perfect fit for their internal logistics and material handling to take the next step towards zero accidents and OpEx reduction. 

Both STG and Melexis will be implementing Rombit’s Digital Driver Coach solution. A hard- and software solution that allows for an easy retrofit installation, supporting all types and brands of material handling equipment. Essentially making the existing fleet ‘smart’. 

Bad driver behavior such as speeding, sudden braking, needless accelerations, sharp turns and lane crossing impacts overall safety, efficiency and operational expenditure. Classic driver training, while not without merits, leaves plenty of room for improvement since every accident or unnecessary impact can have a human and/or material cost. 

Rombit’s Digital Driver Coach will provide STG and Melexis with actual data of each driver’s safety performance, allowing individual coaching. The Driverbox extension gives forklift operators real-time feedback for out-of-tolerance driving.

Digital Driver Coach can claim proven results for all stakeholders with a significant and sustainable decrease in accidents, near misses and unscheduled maintenance calls. With clients showing 40% to 90% improvement in the first year. 

About Rombit

Rombit reduces operational expenses through out-of-the-box safety, productivity and sustainability solutions. Rombit’s IoT and digital coaching products both prevent, analyze and report events stemming from workforce and assets in multimodal logistics, energy, construction, manufacturing and other heavy industries. 

About Melexis

Melexis is a global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions and stands for engineering that enables the best imaginable future – a future which is safe, clean, comfortable and healthy. All of these aspects are reflected in the applications that our technology empowers.

About STG

STG (Sanitair Technische Groothandel) is a sanitaryware and -technics company with a full Belgian legacy. A rewarding merger of three leading family enterprises synonym with service, quality and the knowhow to face any technical challenge with confidence.

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