Most change needs to overcome some measure of resistance. Even from those who benefit the most from it. This adds to the challenges for managers in charge of HSEQ who want to implement new, potentially life saving policies. As an innovator and provider of proven worker safety solutions, Rombit wants to assist these managers in overcoming this resistance and pushback. 

Rombit’s Digital Driver Coach is transforming numerous work sites into a safer place to work. This is a verifiable fact supported by compelling, impartial data. 

Despite the substantial reduction in accidents and the multitude of other advantages for forklift operators and their on foot co-workers, it is not uncommon for HSEQ managers to encounter initial resistance from these workers towards (parts of) these safety solutions. And, in certain instances, also from labor unions. 

Rombit’s prime objective is to help HSEQ managers to increase the worker safety, productivity and sustainability of their operations. However, Rombit also acknowledges the potential resistance and pushback. 

Through many implementations in a wide range of industries, Rombit has collected extensive feedback on the challenges and concerns of HSEQ managers and forklift drivers. This experience has been distilled in a number of clear, practical and constructive arguments to counter these concerns and this initial resistance to worker safety solutions. 

1. Because at the end of the day, we all want to go home safe 

Nobody wants to suffer or cause serious injury … or worse. Accidents involving forklift trucks have a disproportionately high chance of leading to severe harm and fatalities. The human cost is immense and stretches out to families of the victim. Simply put, Digital Driver Coach lowers the occurrence of accidents and anything that prevents you or your co-workers from getting hurt is worth it.

2. The real effects of feeling safe

Working in a company with a strong safety culture not only contributes to the physical wellbeing of workers but also has beneficial mental effects. Knowing that management and co-workers are invested in everybody’s safety creates a greater resilience to stress and makes for an overall more enjoyable place to work. Something to consider when contemplating a change of employer, since the safety culture may vary significantly from one company to another. 

3. Watch your back

We’re talking literally. A safety and eco-compliant driving discipline puts less strain on your body. This is particularly the case when navigating uneven terrain (loading ramps, potholes, rails, changes in surface). As an added benefit, Rombit’s Digital Driver Coach registers and records these impacts, highlighting them and prompting actions to minimize damages to both man and machine (upgrading loading docks, stricter leveler-protocols, floor surface repairs and leveling … ).

4. Data works both ways

It’s perfectly understandable to feel uncomfortable when someone can track your every move. But this has often proven to work to the workers advantage. It provides supervisors and managers with undisputable data that exposes inefficient scheduling or workloads that are incompatible with safety regulations. Furthermore, on many occasions Rombit’s Digital Driver Coach has alerted management to previously unknown high risk zones.

5. When you are safer, so is your job

The indisputably high human cost aside, accidents can cause damages that affect productivity, contracts, clients, reputation, insurability, profits, bonuses, wages, recruitment and ultimately job security. The list of companies that went under in the aftermath of an accident is long. 

6. Your health needn’t be the only prize

Less accidents means less damages, costs and time lost, smoother operations and a higher productivity. This impacts the company’s profits and while this might not benefit the worker directly, it can create a budget for bonuses, parties, free drinks/coffee corners. Many companies have considerable incentives and rewards for ‘x days without accidents’ and safety compliance. 

7. Become a most wanted asset

Most forklift operators have only the basic training needed for certification, in some cases updated with extra instruction. An operator with the industry proven Digital Driver Coach on his resumé is a significantly higher valued asset. This strengthens job security with the current employer, … differentiates the driver in a competitive recruitment pool and can help him in negotiating better terms when looking for new employment.   

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