I’m starting today at Rombit. It’s April Fools’ Day, but it is no time to fool around. At this moment, the Coronavirus is putting the global economy to an unprecedented stress test.

As a technology company, Rombit is fortunate; we can continue to work at full force, remotely. And that’s what we do. For our customers. Because they bear a great responsibility today: they are active in the logistics sector and the port industry. They ensure that items such as food, mouth masks, and other vital goods reach their destination. 

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A video message by John Baekelmans

Rombit’s team of developers, business analysts, innovation consultants, and technicians is still here for you, more than ever. It’s our mission to support companies in the port and logistics sector, making them resilient and future-proof. We continue to work on digital solutions that improve worker safety, access to information and resource optimization.

Let’s talk soon. And for now: take care & be safe.