Antwerp, 8 April 2020 – Technology company Rombit joins forces with Drivity, the training expert for safe internal transport. With this acquisition, Rombit further expands its safety offering for the industrial sector.

Drivity specializes in training and coaching to prevent accidents with internal transport equipment, such as forklifts or telehandlers.

Towards more safety and productivity

John Baekelmans, the brand new CEO at Rombit, explains: “Drivity and Rombit share the same mission: we want to increase safety in the port sector and logistics. By expanding our current range of software and hardware solutions with user-focused training, we offer our customers a strong total package”.

“First and foremost, we want to reduce the number of work-related accidents and related human suffering. But improved driving skills also lead to other positive effects: less unnecessary maintenance costs due to damage, less downtime and therefore more productivity,” says Baekelmans.

Coaching based on data analysis

Koen Terryn, the founder of Drivity complements: “I am delighted with this acquisition. At Drivity we already base individual coaching trajectories on data we collect by attaching sensors to the vehicles. It enables us to analyze the driving behavior of drivers and give individual coaching. Thanks to Rombit’s Industrial Internet of Things expertise, a range of new possibilities are opening up”.

Drivity coaches drivers of material handling equipment to prevent accidents.

Drivity’s offering will be integrated into Romware, Rombit’s business unit which markets, among other things, the Romware ONE safety bracelet. Koen Terryn joins Rombit as a safety expert. The team of instructors also makes the switch to Rombit.

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