The DataNews Awards is the most prestigious ICT event of the year in Belgium. DataNews announces no less than 15 exceptional awards, each one a symbol of excellence in its category. 

These awards are the result of a selection process by the editorial staff of DataNews, the readers of DataNews, and a jury of ICT professionals.

IoT Innovator of the Year

One of the categories is ‘IoT Innovator of the Year.” This award is for IoT solution suppliers who demonstrated profitable and scalable propositions.

Rombit was one of the finalists, next to Cisco, Realdolmen/Gfi, Delaware and Proximus. And… We won!

Rombit, social distancing bracelets

The jury was particularly impressed with Rombit, our industrial safety bracelet. It’s a wearable to prevent accidents in the workplace, with features such as fall detection, collision warning, evacuation support and more. 

Anticipating the significant impact of corona on the workfloor, Rombit developed extra social distancing and contact tracing features in March 2020. It turned out to be the right solution at the right time: we got overwhelmed by press interviews and requests from all over the world. 

Team effort

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to this success: our global network of partners, everyone who has voted for us and especially our team. The Rombiteers once again showed their agility and perseverance. 

DataNews did a great job organizing this year’s special edition via a livestream. Check out this video to see the first reaction of our CEO John Baekelmans when hearing that we won! 

Now, onward and upward!