In the supply chain, social distancing remains a challenge, since many people work in close proximity to each other. Trucks loading and unloading, order picking, sorting, value-added logistics,… Keeping a safe distance during the execution of these tasks is harder than it seems. When focused, people easily forget to stay 1,5m apart from one another.
Several tech companies have launched digital tools for social distancing. How well do they work? And more importantly: which performs best?

Social distancing tools in logistics

VIL is the innovation platform for companies with logistic operations in Flanders, Belgium. To support the industry, VIL has set up a unique test project. 230 Flemish companies have been able to test and compare 5 social distancing alarms at work.
VIL purchased the devices with the support of Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). The test kits were available to the participating companies free of charge.

Independent test results

After 6 weeks, VIL processed more than 1,000 test results. It summarized all findings in an official report, published in August 2020.
The trackers are generally rated positively, with Rombit in pole position. Users show a high willingness to start using a social distancing tool in their daily activities.

Best social distancing alarm


The report states that Rombit’s digital bracelet, Rombit, is the best tool for social distancing.

In a nutshell:

  1. User-friendliness & comfort: Rombit scores positive
  2. Accuracy alarm signal: Rombit scores best
  3. Side-by-side coverage: Rombit scores best
  4. Alarm duration: Rombit scores best
  5. Autonomy (battery life): Rombit scores best
  6. Speed and ease of recharging: Rombit scores best
  7. General satisfaction: Rombit scores best

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Newspaper article in Gazet Van Antwerpen (Belgian newspaper) on August 14 2020

More than a social distancing tool

Rombit ONE, the premium Rombit bracelet, comes with a big bonus. Besides the social distance support, it can be used for general safety applications like lone worker support, evacuation support, vehicle collision prevention and many others.

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