Working remotely is not possible for every organization. How do you keep your staff safe at work?


Antwerp, 27 October 2020 – Now that the curves are rising again, teleworking is becoming a mandatory requirement. But that’s not possible for every company. Belgian tech companies Maggy and Rombit are launching ‘One against Covid’, an initiative to keep employees safe at work using technology.

“We notice that many companies are looking for a solution for social distancing and contact tracing in the workplace, but they get overwhelmed by the amount of solutions. As a result, decisions are postponed and employees keep working without protection for far too long. We want to change that.” – John Baekelmans, CEO Rombit.

One against Covid

This is why two Belgian producers, Maggy and Rombit, are launching the ‘One against Covid’ initiative. It guides companies through the maze of digital solutions.

Yes, it’s unusual to join forces with your competitors. But these circumstances are unusual. We want to provide a quick solution for all companies that can’t switch to working from home. The mix of our tools is often the most efficient and affordable solution for that.” – Allan Segebarth, Maggy

Rombit and Maggy have already proven that distancing measures are better respected using their technology. Rombit’s solution was developed specifically for industrial environments; Maggy’s solution for office environments. Thanks to this initiative, companies can now find a solution for their workers and employees in one place:

Digital corona alarms

Both solutions are wearables that can be worn in different ways: as a bracelet, on a lanyard or attached to workwear.

The wearables help prevent the spread of corona infections in the workplace. On the one hand, they function as a social distancing alarm that wil warn anyone standing too close to a colleague for too long. On the other hand, they enable contact tracing on the work floor, with respect for privacy. So, if an employee is infected, the company can quickly intervene to prevent further contaminations and a possible closure.

Everyone safe at work

“This initiative is an important step forward. It will reduce purchase costs, improve transparency and increase security. We are implementing it.” – Erwin Verstraelen, CDIO at Port of Antwerp

“Other partners are also welcome to strengthen this initiative. Let’s shift up a gear together for safe working environments.” – John Baekelmans, CEO Rombit